Scribbled Doses of Destiny

Everyone Has a Story

It was early 2017 that I shared my story for the first time. My whole story. I went to coffee with a new friend that I made at a new church and decided that the time had come. I was scared. I was nervous. “What if she thinks of me differently?” “What if she judges… Continue reading Everyone Has a Story


When I was in my last year of college, I was so excited to graduate and start working. I had worked really hard to get that degree, received a job offer, and now all the hard work was beginning to pay off. There was a time frame in between when I graduated and when I… Continue reading Identity

The OG Headhunter

“The Devil is a Headhunter. My mind is his battlefield. My imagination is his trophy” Pastor wayne corderio     I love crime shows. Like, honest to goodness love them. I love to watch and try to solve them before they end. I like to see the creepy characters unfold and say “I called it” when the… Continue reading The OG Headhunter

The Plan

I am someone who loves to be in control. I love having a plan and knowing what to expect. I live by routine and let me tell you when something doesn’t happen the way I expected or planned, boy does it ruffle my feathers. Can anyone relate? While being a person of routine and habit… Continue reading The Plan

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