P.S. I Love You.

 Isaiah 64:6. Read it. Digest it. I will help.
This passage talks about all of the good deeds that we do being compared to “filthy rags”, or the literal interpretation “menstrual garments”.
That’s a pad.
That’s a tampon.
That’s disgusting.
Why? As I read this passage, I was guided into deeper thought and interpretation. In order to fully understand this, you must be able to fully understand God’s love. Which, no one does, so we should just give up here and be offended at God’s disgusting comparison to our hard work and efforts. NO.
We may not be able to fully understand and comprehend God’s love for us, but, it’s imperative in our walk with God that we always seek to be enlightened more and more.
God loves you more than you could ever comprehend. He loves you so much in fact that He uses all His power to persuade you to draw closer to Him in your pathetically short time on Earth.  He loves you so much that, even though He has complete and total power to MAKE you love Him, He leaves that decision up to you. He wants your REAL love, nothing forced. God loves you so much that He took time to know you before you were even fleshly created. God loves you so much that He created a Son of His own, raised Him to live a perfect life, and led Him to be slain for the sins you have committed.
God’s love for you is unending, incomparable, and unquantifiable.
Body Paragraph One.
Isaiah 64:6. What? How does this have to do with God loving you? In all actuality, crazy lady writing this blog, this verse could easily exhibit how I am not good enough for God, and He doesn’t appreciate my efforts. How is that love?
Interesting you should ask that, avid blog reader of mine.
 Body Paragraph Two.
God loves you. It’s true.
He also loves every other creation of His.
He’s not looking for you to work your volunteer magic and fill a record number of soup bowls for the homeless.
He’s not looking for you to feel good about air miles to every country on Earth to build homes, churches, and schools.
He’s not looking for you to get your jollies from eating with the outcast.
He is looking for you to see what He sees.
He is looking for you to be His hands and feet.
He is looking for you to love what He loves.
It’s not all about how it makes you feel.
Body Paragraph Three.
It’s about love. God’s love. For everyone. Everything.
Stay Tuned for Profound Thoughts,

1 thought on “P.S. I Love You.”

  1. I appreciate this! Love is the central message of Christ and it sometimes gets lost in the chaos that is most people's every day lives. What is extremely difficult, and I am learning more about this everyday, is that loving is incredibly hard – especially the way God loves. It's disheartening at times to sit and think about how much I fail at truly loving others the way God intended. Mainly because I do it on a daily basis. It makes me wonder if trying to love as God loves is too lofty a goal. I'm not saying it is, I just wonder if it's really how we are supposed to live, especially given our time and culture in which we live. I question this for the following reasons:When the Bible was written, they did not have the technology that we do today, they were not able to connect with as many people as we can today. So because of this potential, are we shooting too high when we try to love our neighbor as ourself? Is it even truly possible because of how the neighbor has been newly defined?When the Bible was written the amount of knowledge that could have been known was infinitesimal compared to now. There is a statistic presented to explain this gap in some extent – even though the years are even further removed. It is said that in a modern issue of the New York Times there is more information than what one person would learn in their lifetime in the 1800's. That's a little over 200 years ago, not even. Imagine the difference with now and 2000 years ago. Is it realistic to shoot for loving as God loved or should we attempt to focus more on those we have direct, person-person connection with, instead of truly loving everyone as we love ourself or as God loves us?Idk, these are some thoughts I have on the subject of love, which I truly believe needs to be at the root of any authentic faith journey. In order to authentically pursue Christ or a relationship with Him, we must allow Him to love us and as you said not make it about “how it makes [us] feel.”Looking forward to the next post. 🙂


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