The Lying Lioness

It is widely known that Lions are known to be “the king” of all animals. They are always portrayed as “the king” in animated films. In most analogies reflecting biblical principals, the lion is used to portray Jesus Christ, or God.

Why? Where did this begin?
Why not a chimpanzee?
A dog?
A ferret?
Interestingly enough to note as well, in the Bible, God came to Earth to represent his principals as a human being, Jesus.
This is not trivial homework.
I’m not really looking for an answer to that question per say, I am just letting my mind wander and will probably eventually look up the origins at a later time.
I merely want to expand on my crazy thought process.
Why is the group of lions all huddled together in a familial arrangement have the term “pride” pinned to them?
Why not a flock?
A herd?
A school?
I find these two concepts to be quite intriguing. God is portrayed as a Lion, the King of all creation.
The Lion is coined for having so much pride that his family is called a pride.
God, the Father of all creation is the only entity that can be prideful.
He created it all. Everything. He is the only one who has boasting rights.
I’ve never heard the phrase, “I am as proud as a lion”, but I am sure it exists.
Probably in China.
Humans exhibit quite a bit of pride as an animal group.
We are proud of our grades.
We are proud of our homes.
We are proud of money.
We are proud of our achievements.
We are proud of ourselves.
Is this sin?
If all things are from Him, then we do nothing to have pride in. It’s all His.
He gave us brains, academics, and the ability to excel.
He gave us money, opportunities, and the roof over our heads.
He gave us financial stability and the means to acquire money.
He gave us the abilities, strengths, and opportunities to succeed.
He created us.
Does this sound a bit much?
Maybe it is. Or not.
I don’t think it’s as extreme as it sounds. Society today has replaced many adjectives that are accurate in describing these things, with the adjective proud.
Not that saying that the aforementioned statements are going to get you a golden ticket into hell, because that is most likely not the case.
However, when we open our vocabulary to describe ourselves as prideful people, we open the door to actually becoming prideful people.
I am filled with pride.
I hate being wrong.
I will most generally argue a point until I am blue in the face, fully knowing that I am not in the right, because I hate being wrong.
That much.
This is a breeding ground for sin.
(I will also argue until I am blue in the face about topics that I am very passionate about and therefore this can be disheartening to someone who may think they have the opportunity to accurately identify when I know I am wrong and arguing anyway)
But back to the point.
When we allow ourselves to be prideful of innocent concepts, we are allowing the evil to lurk in and take its place in the name of pride.
When I actually do sin, it’s not easy for me to admit that I did in fact sin.
I manipulate the situation in my favor.
We all do.
This is pride.
This is lying.
To ourselves,
To others,
To God.
This is sin.
Essentially we are telling ourselves the lie that what we are proud of, is a direct result of what we have done. Not what He has done.
I don’t want to be portrayed as a Lying Lioness.
I want to be true to who I am, who God, my Creator, crafted me to be.
Someone who He is proud of.
A Humbled Human.
Stay Tuned for Profound Thoughts,

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