AA Prayer

One of Adlee’s Christmas presents this year was a unicorn named Star Lily.  Star Lily is a magical unicorn with an extremely life-like demeanor. It’s a good thing she was designed to be extremely cute and cuddly or she would be super creepy. She has sensors that are sensitive to touch on her face, nose, neck, back and her horn. She also has sound recognition so when you start singing, she starts humming. When you say her name, she responds my moving and making noises. When you feed her her sugarberry, she makes eating noises and she sleeps and snores. This is the real deal.

Not only is all of that amazing, but she also has an app that you can download that she interacts with, you can play in waterfalls with her, you can grow her food and feed her and you can play her songs that she dances and sings with.
So often, we go through life, living life the way Adlee lives with Star Lily.
Let’s do some self assessment, shall we?
Are you Star Lily?
   Are you waiting on God to gently swoon you in all the areas of your life that you need Him to? Are you waiting on God to feed you and to pat you on the back and say “ I love you, Star Lily” before you respond with action? Are you constantly needing God to do you a favor before you do anything for God and His Kingdom? When you do act on things that He has done for you, is it all just a show? Do you sing to get the “ooh’s and ah’s” from peers or even just the general public? Do you show off your talents and gifts and flutter your wings to make you appear to be ALIVE, when really on the inside you are just a figment of the church’s imagination?
Are you Adlee?
Do you treat God like a magical unicorn?
He is a cool idea and He can do tricks.
But, God can only do so many tricks, and only when WE set HIM up to do them.
If we pat God on the back and say, “I love you God” then He will do exactly and only what we expect Him to do.
Never more.
Never less.
Unless His batteries are dead, of course.
What does this have to do with anything?
God is so much more than we could ever think or imagine.
He can do ANYTHING because He created EVERYTHING.
When God designed you and I, He made us infinitely more interactive than Star Lily.
News Flash: We are more complex than a toy.
Even an extremely realistic toy.
Yes, the magical unicorn toy IS realistic.
Adlee received Star Lily as a gift this Christmas.
But we ALL received Jesus Christ as our gift  about 2000 years ago.
Before the portion of your family tree that you can figure out was even thought of, God gave us Jesus. He was the most interactive, miraculous, mesmerizing, and sacrificial gift we could have ever received.
And Jesus came with batteries.
Rechargeable batteries.
He taught us how to use them.
It’s what we call prayer.
Take a breather from this blog and read Luke 11: 1-11

You see, when we pray, we are communicating with our maker.
We are communicating with our power source.
And when we pray, we are allowing Him to charge up something new in us.
Our interactions with Him become more and more powerful.
The way He releases His power in us makes us more and more effective because when we have our batteries charged and in place, God becomes more and more realistic to the world.
Prayer is so much more than a vehicle for what we want and need in life.
Prayer is so much more powerful than just what God can do in the natural.
Prayer is what gives our lives meaning.
Prayer is what gives us a purpose.
Prayer is important.
In a sense, we need to be a Star Lily.
I want my maker to be the one to decide the details of my life. How I operate and I want Him to be the one that knows every intricate detail of my being. I want it to be His voice that I listen for and respond to. I want to live to make Him famous and to use my gifts and talents for His glory.
In a sense, we need to be an Adlee.
I want God to always be the most exciting thing in my life. I want to be able to know that my King has more power and exciting surprises up His sleeve than I could ever even dream about. I want to always know that He is the God of miracles, not tricks, and that He is always in control. I never want to lose my wonder for God and His plans for me and my family.
I want to challenge you in the new year.
Let God “charge your batteries” longer.
Let Him take you past your perception of “fully charged”.
Spend more time in prayer with your King and Creator.
What does a fully charged you look like?
Let 2017 be the year you start to explore that you.

Now, that is a New Year’s resolution that will produce some major results.

Stay Tuned for Profound Thoughts,

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