Spanish Just Got Spiritual

This afternoon, after my husband came home from work, we decided to strategically plan a trip to the park that is adjacent to the basketball courts so my husband (who is almost 30) could school some teenagers in some old school street ball. My husband was balling, my children were running, climbing and sliding, and I was manning my post where I could effectively see all areas of the playground equipment while holding water bottles for my entire family.

Yes, I felt like supermom.

My oldest daughter is so fun to watch when she has an opportunity to interact with her peers. She is so friendly and inviting and never leaves anywhere without making several new “best friends” whom she will likely never see again.

She reminds me of Jesus so much in this.
She inspires me to be better.

But today was a unique day. A new conversation I had never heard her have before, and Jesus prompted my heart in that moment.

A little girl who must have been 3 years old came with her dad and baby brother to the playground this evening. She was adorable.

Beautiful complexion.
Gorgeous Hair.
Cute pink little backpack that she never took off for one second.
And cute sparkly shoes.

If you know my Adlee, you know that even without her extroverted termperment, she would still be completely drawn to this baby diva. They were basically the same person.

The little girl didnt talk much at first but as she warmed up to my overbearing 4 year old, I noticed one main difference in this toddler talk.

She didnt speak English.
Adlee was talking her ear off.
But she was responding in Spanish.

I was intrigued and watched to see how this language barrier would play out for my daughter.

As they played, and as the little girl warmed up, she continued to address Adlee as “Niña” (which in Spanish means, “little girl”)

Adlee responded kindly the first few times with “My name is Adlee.” But each time the girl addressed her as “niña” she became more and more agitated.

She eventually ignored the girl’s attempts to get Adlee’s attention all together and went about her businesss playing.

I tried explaining to Adlee that the little girl was not being rude, but rather, she was speaking a different language.

Adlee seemed more irritated than understanding that I had interrupted her duties as princess of the playground. After all, she is 4.

As I continued to chaperone my children’s playtime, I began to think about this situation and what Jesus was showing me in this moment.

Immediately, I was reminded of how often we as grown human beings act just as my daughter does when Jesus is talking to us.

We get so caught up in what the world is calling us all the time. It becomes so engrained in our hearts that we are….

just a teacher.
just a mom.
just an aqaintenance.
just a dental hygienist
just a farmer (shout out to all my Indiana peeps!)
just a……

But, the truth is, God may have given you that calling, yes, but, he calls you so much more.

He calls you daughter,

And, it’s all well and good to just list all these things and never really let it soak in. But, let me challenge you to read through that very small list of your names again. Which one identifies with you right now? Which one pings your heart and makes it feel like a little bit of lightening just struck you in the chest?

As a loud and proud daughter of the King, I am here to tell you, that we need to make who He says we are a part of us. Because when we take that second list of self identifiers, and apply it to how the world labels us (which is actually your calling if you love it beyond a paycheck), we have to take the “Just” and throw it into the pit of hell where it comes from.

When we live in the light of what God is calling you as a person you then do what you do with passion and just like the ugly catepillar becomes the beautiful butterfly, you become

THE teacher
that shows the world what Jesus would look like if he were dancing to crazy songs about multiplication and grading papers.

THE mom
that shows her children what Jesus would look like if he were wiping dirty butts and washing bottle, after bottle, after bottle.

THE aquaintance
that shows that person what Jesus looks like when He enters into a friendship that is full of meaning and divine purpose.

THE dental hygeniest
that exemplifies Jesus if He were to pick popcorn kernels from the deep recesses of one’s gums.

THE farmer
that shows the world what Jesus would look like in a straw hat and John Deere tractor.

You get the picture. But do you get the message?
What is Jesus trying to reshape in your heart today? Yes, Adlee, is Adlee. And I am Ashlee. Those are our names. But, I think Jesus wants us to stop somtimes and take all the predispositions that come with our names, and just know who He is calling us to be.

Los Ninos.
Los Ninos de Jesus.

Stay Tuned for Profound Thoughts.


1 thought on “Spanish Just Got Spiritual”

  1. Ashlee I love you so much! You are like a sweet grandma full of wisdom stuffed into a spunky young woman on fire for her beloved savior. I adore the inquisitive way you tap in to and are sensitive to God's voice in your everyday life. It wasn't until I was in my 40's when I first truly understood I wasn't “just a housewife and mom”. Then just early this morning I had to remind myself of this very fact again…the way I serve my family day by day has divine purpose. Thank you for sharing your heart, touching mine and changing lives for the Kingdom! ❤️


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