Soul Scrubbing.

The past few days have been crazy.



All the things.

Due to being ill and playing catchup on all my spousal, motherly, and ministry responsibilites, this post is long overdue!

Recently, I have been asked by several people about how to “dig deeper” into the Word of God.

I knew that should be the next thing that I write about.

So here it is.

There is no special formula for “digging deeper” or a new term I have started to use “soul scrubbing”. There is no science to it. No preferred brand.

But there are some methods that I can share with you!

And I’m positive there are many more methods out there, so do your research too!

Dig deeper on the topic of “Digging Deeper”!

Just to clarify what I mean by “digging depper” and “soul scrubbing” – I really just mean, staying connected to God through the greatest love letter ever written.

The Bible.

Depending on the season of my life, my “soul scrubbing” looks differently.

There are times when I am just to plum busy to get the exfoliating, pore reducing, anti-aging soul scrub in.

And that’s okay if you are there too.

It happens to all of us.

But when life is super busy I like to take the S.O.A.P. approach!

S – Scripture. 

Just read some of it. NOT A LOT. Maybe 5-10 verses.

Try starting with some of the parables Jesus told in the gospels. (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John)

Then, after you have read those verses, rewrite them, in your journal or

or type them out on your computer or

on your notes section of your phone or

in a pinch, I suppose you could temporarily tattoo the verses on your arm or something.

Just rewrite them.

It’s like getting the washcloth wet before adding the body wash.

O – Oberservation. 

What is this scripture talking about? Write about it in your own words. Maybe rephrasing some of the scripture as you think for a few minutes about what it is really saying.

You don’t have to get too deep here. Just take maybe 5 mintues to think about it. Write it in the same manner and method you did the above step.

You may need to move to the other arm if you chose that one.

It’s like rubbing the bodywash into the washcloth to make it all sudsy!

A – Application. 

Take another 3-5 minutes to think about how this scripture can apply to your life. Some would say that you could keep it vague here and reflect on how it applies to everybody but I think that hurts us in the long run.

Our God is a personal God. He wants to work on your heart in this time. Not, prepare a sermon for you to preach to all your friends.

Assess your life. How does this apply to the fight you go into with your spouse last week?

How does this address your sin? How does this encourage you in the season that you are in?

Make it personal. Write it down.

After all, this is the part where you are applying the soapy washcloth to your body, so you want to make sure you get all the….crevices.

For all you hipsters writing all over your extremities at this point, you may need to move to a leg.

P – Prayer.

This is the part where you rinse off. The water is hot, (but not too hot) and the body has been scrubbed.

The smell is heavenly.

Prayer is offering up to God the deepest parts of our heart.


(More on the topic of prayer in the next couple of weeks…so come back!!)

But this is the part where you allow what you read, observed, and applied to your life, to really change the fragrance of who you are.

Write to God (like you would your best friend)

Ask for His help.

Ask for His guidance.

Ask for His discernment.

Ask for His peace.

Ask for His love.

Ask for His fragrance.

This part can take as long as you need (and could and should be an ongoing thing throughout your day)

But, before you end the day, take a few minutes (3-5 is what I have started to do, but you take as much time as you need)




Look for His voice on these things in your everyday life. Maybe jot down some neat thoughts you had throughout your day about that just before you go to bed.

Tune in to Him.

Tune out what’s not of Him (like negative self talk, hateful words from others, gossip, etc)

And once in a while, take a few seconds to look back on some S.O.A.P. moments of the past (unless you have chosen the “all-natural” approach.

Maybe take a picture of the finished products, I don’t know!

You know what, email me, I’ll just buy you a journal if you’re writing all over yourself!)

But look back, reflect, and smell.

Smell that God is taking you on a journey.

A journey to a squeaky clean soul.

What are you waiting for?

Get to Scrub-a-dub-dubbing!

Stay Tuned for Profound Thoughts.