Ashlee’s childhood couldn’t be anymore soap opera worthy. Much of her adolescence was spent longing for belonging and searching in all the wrong places.  She gave her heart fully to the Lord as a Sophomore in high school thanks to a loving Savior and a relentless friend. (Thank you, Angela!) Life with God has been no cake walk but Ashlee knows that she would be miles deep into the pit of depression, anxiety and other life controlling activities if it weren’t for God’s unwavering pursuit. Ashlee currently serves in Student and College and Career Ministries at her church alongside her husband, Josh. She loves speaking to others about the goodness of God and what He has brought her through. Ashlee is forever indebted to a Savior that has provided her with an amazing life partner. Together, they are stewarding the gifts Jesus has given them in Adlee and Elcee, their daughters. Making Jesus famous is the fierce pursuit of Ashlee’s life.



Stephany was raised in a loving Christian home. As the oldest of five children and a pastor’s child, there was never a dull moment. She was born and raised in Southern California and has migrated to Indiana with her loving and devoted husband of 11 years, Jason, two wonderful children, Jake (10) and Zoey (7) and a fur baby Gidget. Though she was raised in a Christian home, she has walked many roads that lead away from the Lord, only to find that God had always been in constant pursuit of her. Through thick and thin, she has found that her Anchor will and always will be found in Jesus. She now serves in her home and owns a faith-based fitness business all in the efforts to bring all she comes into contact with closer to Jesus.


Angela is the youngest of 4 and was born to loving parents that come from a long line of Christ followers. She spent most of her life in Springfield, Missouri and although she was raised in a faith based home, her love for the Lord is something that was discovered and not inherited. Angela truly experienced the love of her Savior after being involved in a series of unwise decisions that turned her world upside down and caused her to question her faith. While the past can never be changed, she is a walking testament to the redemptive and forgiving power of Jesus Christ. She loves being involved in young adult ministries to help others experience a personal relationship with God and has a passion for women’s ministries. Angela now lives in Des Moines, IA with her husband Nate and works in the audit practice for a public accounting firm.