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Community, Overcoming, & Issues of the Heart with Stephany Peterson Charge the Champion

This week on Charge the Champion you’ll hear from our good friend Stephany Peterson. Stephany and her husband Jason, have been friends of ours for several years. However, they are the kinds of friends that you feel like you’ve known for a long time. They’ve walked through hard stuff with us and have been an incredible support for us. Over the last several years, Stephany has had to navigate some medical issues of her own and we’ll talk about what that’s looked like and how she’s overcome in the midst of difficulty. Also, by the way, if the audio seems weird or if it seems like I’m not in the room with Ashlee and Stephany, it’s because… I’m not. Ashlee went out to spend the week in sunny San Diego with Stephany and left me in gloomy Indiana, so she and stephany are chillin’ together on this one. Anyhow, We can’t wait for you to meet her, so let’s get to it, FAM. You won’t be disappointed you hopped on today!
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