The Plan

I am someone who loves to be in control. I love having a plan and knowing what to expect. I live by routine and let me tell you when something doesn’t happen the way I expected or planned, boy does it ruffle my feathers. Can anyone relate? While being a person of routine and habit… Continue reading The Plan

Palm Sunday-Saturday Part TWO

I wouldn't consider myself a tree hugger. But I have hugged a palm tree. Actually a few. I'm sure I'm not the only one. It's just a tourist thing, right? Obviously, when I have a palm tree in my own front yard, I won't be hugging it all the time. promises. Last week we… Continue reading Palm Sunday-Saturday Part TWO

Soul Scrubbing.

The past few days have been crazy. Nutso. Weird. All the things. Due to being ill and playing catchup on all my spousal, motherly, and ministry responsibilites, this post is long overdue! Recently, I have been asked by several people about how to "dig deeper" into the Word of God. I knew that should be… Continue reading Soul Scrubbing.